Buy online, or call us on: 01206 911693
Buy online, or call us on: 01206 911693

We engage with our customers and build long lasting, business relationships

  • A local business with nationwide reputation

    Our locally based Essex Business has gained a reputation, both here and nationwide. We are a fully transparent Internet Service Provider, offering contracts in plain English that are not going to change while you are with us.

    Lylacom guarantees that you will never see price rises during a contract. Furthermore, all our contracts are only 12 months. As your business needs scale, so too can your internet service plan.

    We do not allow any of our customers to roll on once their existing contract has run its course, we will always be in touch with our contract ending reminder service, with better available offers on hand to make sure you are getting the best price for your internet service.

  • Don’t get held back by poor customer service

    One of Lylacom’s major strengths is that our team is small, and we thrive on engaging with our customers. We have a smaller range of clients, than some of our nationwide competitors, this means that we can invest the time and care needed to make sure that our customers are always fully satisfied.

    Our aim is to build long-lasting customer relationships, for that reason we only offer direct in-house UK-based care and support, no long call centre waiting times, and no answer phones taking messages.

    Clear communication, accessible support, with the attention you need to ensure that if there are any issues or queries, we can resolve them for you as soon as possible

Momentum Broadband Plans


Speeds Of

Up to 24 Mbps
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Fibre Optic

Speeds Of

Up to 330 Mbps
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Speeds Of

Up to 10 Gbps
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Our ethos

  • Our mantra

    Lylacom’s mantra is Momentum We would like to ensure that we provide your business with the necessary internet connectivity to support your businesses infrastructure, maintain its growth, keep your communications strong, and make it much easier to offer your customers and clients the support they need.

    We can help you get set-up with a free pre-configurated router. As we offer all of the latest broadband & internet connectivity technologies, there is no reason to worry about missing out, We will ensure your company is ahead of the curve.

  • Propel your business forward

    Every Broadband product in the Momentum range is designed to propel your business forward with precisely the speeds and payment plans that suit your business needs.

    We recommend taking a closer look at our range of products or get in touch with us and we will be glad to discuss your needs and find the solutions that best fit your specific requirements.

We build long lasting customer relationships

  • A transparent internet service provider with no price rises during a customer’s contract. Ever.

  • Free pre-configured router with all new orders.

  • A friendly local company based in Essex, with national reach. UK only based care and support.

  • No long drawn out contracts. Lylacom’s contracts are just 12 months in length.

  • No long call centre waiting times, no answer phones. Fast, efficient and friendly contact.

  • Personal contract ending reminder service. Lylacom will never allow a customer to roll on after their contract has come to an end and will always offer the customer to re-contract to a better available offer.

  • The latest broadband & internet connectivity technologies.

UK coverage

Not sure what product is right for you?

Please contact our dedicated UK customer services, we can give you the advice you need about our Lylacom Broadband products and answer any queries you may have.

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